Artificial Corals
Artificial Corals
Acrylic Aquariums
Acrylic Aquariums
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Bespoke Acrylic
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artificial corals
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Acrylic aquariums from the Aquarium Masters

Here at Aquarium Masters, we specialise in custom-made, high quality aquariums ranging from large domestic installations and hotels to theme parks and zoos. If you desire something unique and exclusive, or wondered how to get a large scale aquarium for your home or business, then look no further Aquarium Masters are perfect for your needs. All products are manufactured from the highest quality acrylic and are pressure tested before leaving our factory. We are able to follow projects through from design to installation, including all necessary equipment needed - our service is unmatched!

We offer the highest quality acrylic solutions including aquariums, tanks, tunnels, panels and more.

Our products and services are unique, and represent the highest quality acrylic aquariums available. We take care of all the pumps and filter systems and also offer a large range of artificial corals. You can call direct so that we can discuss your specific needs, or use our online quotation form. Prepare to take the first step towards your perfect aquatic project.

Why Acrylic?

We are often asked why we use acrylic instead of glass for our aquariums and tanks. Acrylic is perfectly suited to make large scale aquariums, its properties and manufacturing methods allow for much greater flexibility of design, without the risks associated with Glass. Here are some benefits;

Acrylic is perfectly suited for aquariums too large for glass. We specialise in equipping Zoos, Theme parks, Hotels, Businesses, Schools, Exhibitions and a multitude of private clients looking for a certain special something for their home. We pride ourselves on quality, and suitability. Aquarium Masters have years of experience to ensure the perfection of your aquarium. You will not be disappointed.


New Kuwait office now open. Please call: (00)965 99493887 or email nayef@boardblvd.com for all enquiries in the GCC region to arrange a meeting on-site to discuss your large acrylic aquarium requirements, etc. We look forward to serving you in the very near future!

Contact us

Call us: +44 (0)7767 612603

Email us: office@aquariummasters.co.uk

You can also fill in our online enquiry form

We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours.


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